Bone Divination

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Bone throwing is a very direct method of divination. They are blunt and are not known for sugarcoating things. The honesty that comes with bone divination makes it an ideal alternative method than traditional cartomancy and tarot.

Bones are great for answering questions relating to time, health, wealth, and sickness. They present a more broad grasp of any given situation due to the fact that they incorporate outside factors that may be contributing to the query; and therefore showing how threads interconnect with each other.

Collecting the Bones & Trinkets

Most any small bones will do, though I'd recommend using bones that haven't been cooked, as that can make them brittle. My own personal collection contains bones I have scavenged, chicken bones, and other small trinkets.

A list of bones that can be included in your set

Reading the Bones

Everyone has their own seperate method for bone reading,