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Prayer of Long Life

From Book of the Great Queen, by Morpheus Ravana - adapted from the Medieval Irish Prayer "Cétnad nAíse" or "Prayer of Long Life"

I call on the seven daughters of Ernmas,
who shape the fates of long life.
Three deaths be taken from me,
three lives given to me,
seven waves of plenty poured for me.
May phantoms not injure me on my journey
in my radiant armour of the spirit.
May my name not be pledged without truth;
may death not come to me before my time.

I call on the radiant warrior,
to whom death is no terror;
may courage be granted to me as bright as bronze.
May my form be exalted,
may my will be ennobled,
may my strength be increased,
may my grave not be opened,
may I complete my journey,
may my destiny be ensured to me.
May the serpent in the heart not attack me,
nor the grey worming doubt,
nor the senseless fear.
May no thief attack me,
nor a hostile company,
without my company of warriors.
May I have the richness of time from the Mighty Ones.

May I know hundreds of truths,
hundreds of joys, each hundred after the other.
I pray your great blessings;
may the fire of the Hero's Light strengthen me.
Your Blessings, Queen, upon your people.

little twinkling stars dividing the page