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Class: Bard | Level: 4 | Race: Warforged | Background: Hermit

Malfunction is a Warforged Bard, who spent several years in a bog after getting lost on their first mission.

They enjoy the little things in life, such as picking flowers and making music. As a bard, they are skilled in several instruments including lute, flute, and bagpipes.

During their time in the bog, they hung out with different nature spirits, as well as a troupe of Fae; who taught Malfunction the art of glamour.

While adventuring with their lover, a Simic Hybrid named Siegfried; they came across their favourite item to use in battle, a ring of obscuring which they use during performance to make clouds of smoke form around them, because it looks cool.

Malfunction got their name because over the years in the bog, their circuits got waterlogged and while they are still running, they occasionally glitch out when excited, making sounds similar to a dot matrix printer.

More to be continued... ;3c