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The Box

a small heart shaped box found at a secondhand shop in a small town. it is the home of many paper clips, wax stamps, and other tiny metal bits and bobs

The Pen

my beloved pen, the one that fell into the creek. the body is new, but the cap is the original. it fills my hearts with love, and makes me want to write. when I write with it - it makes me feel like I can follow my dreams and be the artist I'm meant to be. it is filled with the Blood of Heartshaven

The Dice

(one of many) my first set of rpg dice were purple and glittery, and I love them very much they're very much basic chessex dice, but they're pretty, reliable, and shiny (arguably the most important part)

The Brooch

red is the rose that blooms near the crossroads, entwined with nightshade as it grows, upwards. pomegranate seeds and magic, swishing through the autumn air as leaves rush around in the breeze.