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Self Love Manifesto
a rose blooms before you, it's sweet smell drawing you in with the promise of love, care, and attention. You are reminded of the taste of Turkish Delight. you sit down and think of how much love you can give yourself, even when it doesn't feel like you can sometimes. you know deep down that the only person who will ever know you inside and out is you
Stevie Nicks Shrine
a sunflower reminds you of your happy place, it's cheerful colour filling you with joy as you think about bright summer evenings filled with the sound of music
a large cluster of forget-me-nots fills you with memories, some happy, some sad. you pick a few and hold them close to your hearts, knowing they will always keep you safe. you find comfort within your memories, experiences that have shaped you into the person you are, into the person you will become
you stumble across a gazebo surrounded with lavender. it's smell is soothing and makes you feel sleepy. in the gazebo lays a comfy looking daybed. you flop down onto the daybed and take a sweet smelling nap, setting aside your worries for a while
clusters of peonies fill you with a sensation of longing, their giant pillowy soft petals drawing you in with the promise of beauty. you smile along, knowing the secrets they carry within them - secrets ready to be whispered into your waiting ears...
The Lake
Rushes of Vervain surrounding a small lake entice you with their beauty. You can't help but want to slip into the calm waters and drift away peacefully. The water is cool, soothing as it kisses your skin, and you think to yourself
"is this what life is about?"